Hold Me #3

So I’m in sort of a sombre mood today and started “Hold Me” #3.

I stumbled across this song as I was working on it, and thought it fit nicely.

So here’s the song(“Just Hold Me” by Maria Mena)—–>

And here’s “Hold Me” #3—->Hold Me #3

Anyway, I have to go back to work.

But feel free to comment while I’m gone.


9 Replies to “Hold Me #3”

  1. Oh and if the video doesn’t show up, YouTube has been on the fritz today so just try again later.


  2. Hmmm, this is my first time seeing the picture, and I like it. It just screams of need.

    Also, who is the artist of the song? It’s not in the video.


  3. I’m confused. when I visit your blog there’s an instrumental plaing already that drowns out the youtube clip…


  4. What you’re hearing is the Sonific player on the bottom right of the page. You have to pause that to hear the video.


  5. i love the details in this one, as the “Hold Me s” are sinmple yet complicated (like sex perhaps?) and it adds texture to it 🙂


  6. What I wanted to express the most was the heart wrenching internal desire to be held. It’s symbolic of a lost/abandoned lover. The repetition is used to represent how all consuming that desire can be. I thought the video helped set the stage for the piece.
    It’s a love gone cold and a lover left abandoned longing to be held again. It was actually a hard piece to do because it brought back a flood of memories…


  7. hey … i did a search on google for “Hold Me” and your artwork came up. I have to say that this is def a beautiful piece of work you have made.

    It’s something that stands out. Much respect to you!



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