Hold Me #3

So I’m in sort of a sombre mood today and started “Hold Me” #3.

I stumbled across this song as I was working on it, and thought it fit nicely.

So here’s the song(“Just Hold Me” by Maria Mena)—–>

And here’s “Hold Me” #3—->Hold Me #3

Anyway, I have to go back to work.

But feel free to comment while I’m gone.


9 thoughts on “Hold Me #3

  1. i love the details in this one, as the “Hold Me s” are sinmple yet complicated (like sex perhaps?) and it adds texture to it πŸ™‚


  2. What I wanted to express the most was the heart wrenching internal desire to be held. It’s symbolic of a lost/abandoned lover. The repetition is used to represent how all consuming that desire can be. I thought the video helped set the stage for the piece.
    It’s a love gone cold and a lover left abandoned longing to be held again. It was actually a hard piece to do because it brought back a flood of memories…


  3. hey … i did a search on google for “Hold Me” and your artwork came up. I have to say that this is def a beautiful piece of work you have made.

    It’s something that stands out. Much respect to you!



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