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Live life creatively--collage
Live life creatively–collage

A little food for thought today

Quote from the Online Plein Air Magazine by artist Rusty Jones

“We all have to accept ourselves for who we are and not try to chase after some other approach to painting.

There’s a point at which we have to stop listening to the voices of our teachers, forget what we have seen in art books and exhibitions, and just paint intuitively.

We have to accept that our personal statement will emerge without making a concerted effort to find it.”

“Hallelujah” it’s Done

Here is the latest installment in my Color of Music Guitar series titled: Hallelujah!

I called it Hallelujah because it reminds me of those beautiful imperfect Stained Glass windows you find in the old churches.

Also every time I look at it I can almost hear “Hallelujah” being played on it.

I absolutely love how vibrant this piece is and it’s unique among the other pieces in the series for two reasons

1-This is the smallest guitar I’ve worked on as it’s a child sized acoustic guitar (nice & light as a wall mounted Art piece)

and second

2-It’s the only one in the series that wasn’t a commission. Meaning, it’s looking for a musician or art lover to take it home.

I’ve listed it in my Esty Store if anyone is interested in purchasing it 🙂



Mommy Beads

I love these and am so excited to be making them.


Of course they serve dual purpose since I am a Breastfeeding Momma too and have a cuddly little bundle to play with these with 🙂
So what am I talking about?
Glad you asked.
Jewelry for Moms & Babes!


These awesome crochet super sensory / teething necklaces of course.
Why are they so great?
Well, they are wonderful to keep baby stimulated while feeding or carrying in a sling. Plus they are colorful & multi textile so great for sensory play and for developing motor skills
And they are functional because they work wonders as a natural fibres teether since the beads are made of Cotton, plastic and untreated unfinished smooth durable wood.


As and added bonus, I get to enlist my Nans help with crocheted the chain themselves 🙂


Double Bonus, They make Posh Baby shower gifts.
Check em out here in my Etsy Shop


Photo Entry

I don’t really have a whole lot to say, just been busy working away.

That being the case, I thought instead of writing a lengthy entry on how things are progressing I’d simply show you.

Here’s what I’ve started or have done.

Most of these pieces have been posted to my Etsy store with the exception of the new entry into my “colour of music” series guitar that is still in progress.


Well back at it 🙂